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Понедельник, 10.12.2018
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Special Forces (англ.)
[ · Скачать удаленно (7.62 МБ) ] 16.07.2012, 18:21
Characteristics of the weapon are approached to real (clip capacity, Rate of Fire, damage level).
-replaced "PumpShotgun" on "M3 Benelli"
-replaced "mp5" on "Steyr Aug"
-replaced "Beretta" on "H&K USP Tactical"
-Bullets now can fly by through a wooden doors, сardboard boxes, characters and other wooden and paper things
-New shot sounds for guns: USP, Desert Eagle, M3 Benelli, Steyr Aug, Ingram, Steyr Scout, SVD.
-New Music in Menu
-New menu sounds
The characters now have an equal level of health so any character and the player can die of one shot.
Thus gameplay to become hard.
-Max Payne absolutely on another, he now looks now the soldier of special division
-New blood decals
-New menu art
-New HUD (weapons names)
-New stand animation for Max (with the lifted weapon, in a fighting pose)
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